Full results for the 2010 San Diego Regional

Results for each day’s games will be posted around 2 am. Press the Refresh button in your internet browser to check for the latest results. Results for multi-day events are posted under the starting date. Send feedback and questions to the La Jolla Unit webmaster.

A big THANKS to the 1253 of you who played in our tournament! This total includes 12 new players. Come again next year and bring someone new!

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On average you played in four events, though two events was the most frequent number. The iron butt award is shared between between Yasuko Hiruki from Edmonton (Go Canada!) and Jack Triplett from Idaho at 18 events each. Evidently they came to play.


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Fast Open Pairs (1st session)174077014
Afternoon Fast Open Pairs (2nd session)174077014
A/X Swiss Teams6755412031
BCD Swiss Teams53231825


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)2965149546
Morning 299er Pairs743211
Morning Side Game Pairs201974411
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)2937146339
Afternoon 299er Pairs95575
Afternoon Side Game Pairs199476313
Afternoon Swiss Teams207478837
Evening Side Game Pairs19907995
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 110498644910
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 21632146213
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 357045716
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 422517216


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)2647142746
Morning 299er Pairs855012
Morning Side Game Pairs111562813
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)2661143146
Afternoon 299er Pairs986210
Afternoon Side Game Pairs135474317
Afternoon Swiss Teams222261116
Evening Side Game Pairs198579912
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 1671246419
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 294074713
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 340137512
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 419916912
Evening Swiss Teams (Fri-Sat)3982206412


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)2117104141
Morning 299er Pairs99489
Morning Side Game Pairs186493014
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)2094101441
Afternoon 299er Pairs106677
Afternoon Side Game Pairs159171018
Afternoon Swiss Teams146182518
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 19747586812
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 21257107414
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 358250716
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 427522916


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)2849145840
Morning 299er Pairs1075618
Morning Side Game Pairs112658412
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)2824143540
Afternoon 299er Pairs86429
Afternoon Side Game Pairs133566024
Afternoon Swiss Teams153650123
Evening Side Game Pairs182860314
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 16490444910
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 2109083715
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 346841415
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 426722016
Evening Swiss Teams (Wed-Thu)135269619


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)2655122935
Morning 299er Pairs672616
Morning Side Game Pairs162888310
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)2668123234
Afternoon 299er Pairs1075011
Afternoon Side Game Pairs110252017
Afternoon Swiss Teams154648524
Evening Side Game Pairs126844214
Evening Swiss Teams14444985
Knock Out Teams (Tue-Wed) Bracket 19816544812
Knock Out Teams (Tue-Wed) Bracket 21341117414
Knock Out Teams (Tue-Wed) Bracket 357050814
Knock Out Teams (Tue-Wed) Bracket 435832416
Knock Out Teams (Tue-Wed) Bracket 521418415

Should you play up in Knock Out teams to get more experience? Why not? They’re not really that much better than you—except Bracket 1 which is a world unto itself.


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Charity Afternoon Open Pairs182771123
Charity Afternoon 299er Pairs1146011
Charity Evening Open Pairs189286523
Charity Evening 299er Pairs1287810
Charity Afternoon Swiss Teams193378814
Kickoff Knockout Teams (Mon-Thu)6737234116

Half tables are dropped from the totals shown here.

The field strength numbers are computed as the arithmetic and geometric means respectively of the masterpoint holdings for all ACBL members in an event. The masterpoint system is really an award system rather than a rating system. However, despite the entanglements of longevity, frequency of play, and grade inflation (especially triple point charity games), masterpoint holdings must have some correlation with skill level, especially when averaged over all players in an entire event. And in a Rumsfeldian sort of way it is the system we have if not the one we want to have.

In a geometric mean, the mean is taken in a logarithmic manner. For example, the geometric mean of two players with 10 and 1000 MP respectively, is 100 MP not 505 MP. Less experienced players drag down the geometric mean more than the arithmetic mean (the ordinary average). A field with a high geometric mean should be uniformly tough and offer few gifts. The fact that the histogram of masterpoint holdings on a logarithmic scale for tournament attendees (see below) is approximately Gaussian lends support for considering the geometric mean. However, the logarithmic distributions for both all ACBL players and all ACBL players who have played during the last two months, are quite far from Gaussian.

Histogram of masterpoints for tournament attendees Histogram of masterpoints for ACBL players who played during the last two months Histogram of masterpoints for all ACBL players Histogram number of sessions played

For the number of events calculation, playing in a two session pairs events is counted as two events. Maybe number of sessions is better but that calculation involves fussing with who got knocked out of each stage of knockout events.